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Restore Deleted Partition

Computer users often create multiple partitions on hard disk for various purposes like increasing the speed of storing and retrieval of information, data management. For the convenience and security reason, user can store data in different disk partitions. Security of data stored in disk partition is very important to prevent its unauthorized access. But sometimes, due to hard disk errors, virus attacks and power fluctuation, the disk partition starts malfunctioning or deleted. The user can store the any sort of corruption occurs to this partition or the operating system then all of the data stored on hard disk (including the data stored on other logical partitions) become inaccessible leading to let the user restore partition.


Restoring partition can ensure recovery of all data stored in the deleted disk partitions. With the launch of restore partition software, it is now possible to reinstate the deleted window partitions very quickly. This software uses set of advanced algorithms to ensure quick retrieval of lost, corrupt or deleted disk partitions as well as lost data from the corrupt disk.

  • Restores all window partitions created by FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS and NTFSS file systems.
  • Retrieves all lost data from the corrupt or deleted hard disk partitions
  • Fixes all types of hard disk errors due to accidental shutdown of window system, partition damage, deletion or corruption of hard disk, virus attack or damage to file allocation table and registry corruption
  • Offers partition recovery by three scanning modes i.e., quick scan, extensive scan and file trace
  • Displays the recovered data in Windows explorer with a similar GUI as to original layout to provide users with familiar looks to the recovered data.
  • Keeps the original data formatting and structure intact in the recovered partitions.
  • Shows a preview of all recovered partitions and lost data before it can be saved by the user at specific location of system or network.
  • Supports data recovery from the corrupt portable storage mediums like pen drive, DVD, flash drive and magnetic tapes.
  • Round the clock customer support for the product.

Data Recovery by Window Partition recovery software

The Windows partition recovery program meticulously scans the system hard disk or portable media for restoration of corrupt or deleted disk partitions. The software uses three types of scanning modes such as quick scan, extensive scan and file trace for data recovery from the corrupt window disk.

  1. Quick Scan: This is the quickest mode of the software and should to be used in case you want instant recovery of data that are accidentally deleted from the partition drive.
  2. Extensive Scan: This mode is comparatively slower than the Quick Scan mode. It can to be used in case you don’t get desired result with quick scan mode. This mode shall be selected when you have lost data due to partition corruption, damage of MBR, registry corruption, and when data has been lost long ago.
  3. File Trace Mode: This is the slowest than other recovery mode of the Restore Partition software but is best when you want to recover specific file types such as word documents, excel sheets and others. With this mode, the program will scan your system hard disk to recover only specific file categories mentioned by you in your search option. This mode is best when you want to recover only few of the important files from thousands of the files you have lost.

Depending on the specific scan mode that you select, the Restore lost Partition tool will start scanning the selected hard disk partition and within few minutes it displays the recovered data in Windows Explorer like view. You can browse your computer screen to see the preview of all recovered files and folders by the software. After getting a preview list, you can save all or selected files of the list in your system hard disk or other storage mediums.

Get the Free Evaluation Version

Restore Partition tool is available for free evaluation, which can be used to analyze the software data recovery capabilities. The free evaluation version will display the preview of recovered data but does not allow saving the recovered data. In order to save the recovered data, full version of this stunning Restore Partition tool needs to be purchased.


Corruption Reasons
  • Accidental or intentional formatting of hard disk partitions
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Virus attack
  • Corruption of hard disk partition(s)
  • Damage or deletion of partition structures
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Software failure
  • Corruption of Windows file system(s)
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